Pro advices


Hole 1

Start this fantastic course with a birdie by hitting the ball slightly towards the left of the green.

Hole 2

Watch your alignment. Aim for the left of the fairway.

Hole 3

To make a difficult second shot (long par-4) easier, aim for the far left of the green from the tee (the fairway slopes to the right)

Hole 4

Important! The perspective makes this hole look short. Aim for the back of the green (one extra club).

Hole 5

Place your shot towards the mounds on the left to make it easier to play the green.

Hole 6

Hole 7

Focus on choosing the right club for the entry to the green.

Hole 8

This hole is quite easy but to be safe aim for the left.

Hole 9

Choose between driving the green or using a medium short iron to the left to finish.

Hole 10

The second shot is a real challenge. Play the green with a long shot to the left.

Hole 11

The tee is sheltered but don't forget the wind.

Hole 12

The second shot is important. Aim for the left of the fairway before the river.

Hole 13

Drive with a draw shot without being afraid to aim for the left.

Hole 14

Take one or two extra clubs. The hole will be easier.

Hole 15

Be careful not to drive too far left.

Hole 16

Drive towards the left of the fairway: there shouldn't be any problems after that.

Hole 17

The hole rises imperceptibly at the second shot. Choose the club carefully.

Hole 18

As with 16, a carefully aimed drive is needed to merit the nineteenth hole…
"Everyday is a Bluegreen day"


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